BeukersModernArt is specialized in limited editions of modern masters.  The majority of the works of art that are bought or sold are referred to as “original prints”, which indicates a particular characteristic in the work of art: genuineness and authenticity. The artist developed the work of art from the initial idea through to its final execution. This includes the design and creation (working of the printing plate) the supervision of the printing process (often including printing by hand) and the signing of the print.

A variety of printing techniques are used by the artists, such as: lithography, silkscreen, lino- and woodcut and various methods of etching like drypoint, aquatint, reliefprint, etc..  Offset prints or posters are not being offered.  All the works of art that are bought or sold are numbered and signed by the artists.

BeukersModernArt provides an advisory service to the corporate or private collector. Works of art can be bought from stock but also search orders are accepted.


Th. J. Beukers

tel: 0031 (0) 181 403928

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